Sunday, July 18, 2010

Do You Take Milk/Sugar?

Good Evening! Hope you ladies had a fabulous week!

I started my new gig this week and it has been one adventure after the other.  My arms are sore from lifting items and setting them down all around the set and as of Friday night I haven't moved more than about a few feet to my fridge.  I was exhausted!

It is exciting to be on set again.  I prefer it to being stuck in an office all day... and in sunny SoCal it is always a pleasure (although this heat wave was slightly unpleasant for the set designers).

The people I work with are pretty cool.  I don't think I will be making any BFFs, but they are pleasant enough...

Look at me writing away.... let me get to the important stuff.... guess what I learned this week?!?!?!?  I CAN MAKE THE MEANEST CUP OF COFFEE ON THE CONTINENT!  At least according to the director!  That's right... I am the on set coffee b**ch.  I guess every production has one... and this time it is your truly!

"Rose can you grab me a latte!"  "Rose! Two coffees, stat!"

and my response:

" No Foam?"  " Non-Fat?"  "Milk and sugar?"

I'm not complaining, it got me great face time with almost everybody involved in the production!  Go me!  I knew my coffee making skills would come in handy sooner or later...

xxx Rose


  1. Hope your set provides plenty of shade or AC. I was at an industry event yesterday where neither was provided. I lasted less than a half hour in my brand new cute as a button t-shirt before I left in a puddle of sweat. Urgh! Hope you're on set experience is better than that....

  2. If you're career in film doesn't take off you can always have a successful other-life as a Starbucks barrista!! LOL!



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