Thursday, July 22, 2010

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Hello girls,
I apologize for my long absence.  Between the move and the new job, I haven't had a single free minute.  En plus, I was without internet for close to a month and I haven't had a single free second at work to write to you.  I hope you are both well.  Rose, you sounds like you're keeping busy!  Flora, send us news!  Did you ever go to London to visit el novio?  As for me, I have been working away in my current gig as intern/assistant.  We have been busy busy at the magazine and there is a lot to learn along the way.  As I mentioned ages ago, I was thrown right into the middle of the madness so I have had to pick things up as I go along. So far so good, I guess!

That said, I am already getting a little tired of my current situation.  Don't get me wrong, it isn't terrible, but I am starting to doubt the path I am on.  There are too many fashion-obsessed girls fighting for limited fashion jobs and frankly my heart isn't in it.  I love fashion magazines and I always will, but the life of a fashion assistant or a stylist is not pour moi!  No thank you!  So where do I go from here?  Who knows!  Truth be told, the many months I have put in in the world of magazines has showed me what I do NOT want to be, but sorting out what to do with myself now is another story.  Last night, inspired after watching The Wizard of Oz, I started thinking about my own Yellow Brick Road.  Dorothy's road ultimately led her to where she was going, but what about me?  I don't even have a destination!  And worse, it seems that I am now standing at a crossroads with no clue which way to turn!  Luckily, after only a month at X Magazine, the office is closing for the summer break (Vive la France and their summer holidays!).  I have close to a month to sit down and sort this who thing out.
On the list of things to consider:

1.  What does Ophelia want to be when she grows up?

2.  What steps should I take to realize this career goal?

3.  Who do I know that can give me advice, feedback or even an "in" somewhere great?  *As Rose mentioned not too long ago, it's all about connections.  Frankly, I am a little tired of watching everyone call in favors while I try to do things my way.  Those days are done.  That's not to say I intend to ride on anyone's coat tails...

4.  How long will it take me to get to where I am going?  Enough is enough already!  I see girls jumping to the front of the job line all the time and I have be waiting long enough. 

And so, during my summer vacation, I intend to sit down with my notebook and pencil in the Jardin du Luxembourg for as long as it takes to come up with some solid answers.  Thinking Cap?  Check!  Ruby Slippers?  Check! 

Cross your fingers girls!  And I promise, I will keep you posted every step of the way!  


  1. You go Ophelia! Whatever you choose to do you'll be fabulous...xo your friend from Charleston

  2. I couldn't agree more with anonymous. You are a star. I've found that life often puts you on the right direction just by showing you what you don't want! Bon courage ma belle!



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