Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Photocopy 101

Rose! What did you get in the end? I've got a friend who got the most wacked out thing for her Secret Santa: a massive random, so big, so funny!!

Well chicas, things have gotten a slight bit better in Flora’s world :) I had a wonderful weekend with a most fabulous college friend who came to visit, A.! We walked out butts off, and went to this awesome little bar in the LES called PDT…Please Don’t Tell! It’s an amazing little place, hidden via a telephone booth in a Hot Dog Diner…

Speaking of work, things are going well…Well that is, until this afternoon when I was standing by the photocopier and someone’s paper got stuck.

The guy who was printing the paper is some big shot in the PR department. We’ve met a handful of times, and he’s never been able to remember my name, or even recognize who I am…

I peered away, fearing he may ask me for help…and of course he did…and oh so kindly as you can imagine (just a tad bit of sarcasm there). He said:
“Hey ‘you’, can you get over here and help me with this? You’re an inten aren’t you? You should know how to do this.”

I almost laughed! Are you kidding me? Was he being serious?

For starters, I have a name! Secondly, I am no longer an intern, and have worked my ass off to get this full-time position. And, finally even if I was still an intern why would I be a photocopier specialist? And why would that make me more capable of helping him than anyone else around?

I ultimately did help him, stupidly, but I was in shock. How can someone be so disrespectful and so ignorant? When did it become OK to treat interns like sh*t? As an intern, I guess I often just took all these tasks as part of the job description, but now as a full-time employee, I can't believe interns are belittled to such tasks. Hell I probably had more degrees as an intern than that big shot has!! What has the intern world come to!

Signing off for now,

Flora, a perplexed Eternal Intern at heart…


  1. my friend had to unclog a toilet last week at his internship! just disgusting!

  2. Hahahahahaha, that is def a random Secret Santa gift ;)

    Enter my Monet necklace giveaway :)

  3. That's brilliant, Flora! I haven't gotten anything yet, but hitting a market this weekend to find something special ;)

    xxx Rose



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