Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Search for 'The One'

Hello mes amies,
Rose,  I was part of a Secret Santa gift exchange yesterday and someone gave a juicebox (apple to be exact) with a ten euro bill wrapped around it.  I thought it was pretty cheeky and funny!  hehe!

Speaking of the Secret Santa.  I have to tell you both about a great soirée I attended with L last night.  It was hosted by a fabulous group of American expats called Forever in France.  The Christmas event was hosted at the gorgeous apartment of an American woman named Kitty and the crowd was absolutely delightful.  I sipped champagne and munched on delicious canapés while chatting with some uber chic ladies.  Think the Upper East Side of Paris (Flora, you would have loved it!), the who's who of the Parisian expat community... and yours truly was right in the thick of it all!

Interestingly, I started talking to a Canadian woman who, after a length career in the film business,  has since made the switch to fashion.  Always forthcoming with my status as an Eternal Intern, I explained that I have had some difficulty as of late getting my foot in the door.  Well, her advice/motto was short and sweet:  It only takes ONE.  One person, one handshake, one conversation.  In Paris and especially in fashion, it is who you know and what they will do for you.  I could paper this town with my resume, but it will always lose out to the girl who knows that ONE person.  Her advice:  Continue applying (it can't hurt!), but mingle, network, socialize and eventually, at the right moment, that one magical conversation will open the locked door!

Evidemment, I was très inspired and intend to fill my new Smythson planner (hint hint Santa!) with events, presentations, workshops, everything!  All this time my search for The One has meant the perfect job, but perhaps there are other "ones" I have to find along the way.   Looks like I am going to be one busy social butterfly in 2011!

I'm off to the Monet exhibit at the Grand Palais with L!

Bisous xx Ophelia

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