Monday, December 20, 2010

Epic Win for Legacy

Good (I use the adjective loosely) afternoon!

I just spent half the day with my t-shirt inside out!  OMG I am so embarrassed. I'm contemplating leaving it this way so as to pretend I am making a fashion statement, instead of admitting that I was too rushed this morning to notice!  Ugh, I can't believe nobody told me!

Well I hope your day is going better than mine!  I definitely need a pint or two at the end of today, which I will no doubt treat myself to before attending a 3D screening of Tron Legacy!  I have been excited about this movie for pretty much ever!  The original is epic and more than anything I am looking forward to seeing The Dude, Jeff Bridges, kick some major on-screen ass!

With the holidays approaching I have been reflecting a lot on the year passed and the year to come and I have decided a few things.

1- I will finish my script in early 2011!
2- I will get a promotion from paid internship to at least production assistant at my current job!
3- I will finally plan a reunion to see you ladies!  It has been years since we were all together and we have to plan a reunion asap.  All we have to do is decide on which of our cities we want to reunite in?  NYC? LA? Paris?

Safe travels this week and have a wonderful time with the families!  Good luck getting out of Paris, Ophelia!  I heard getting out of London/Paris is near to impossible at the moment!  



1 comment:

  1. Rose,
    It's such a joy reading your blog,
    The inside out shirt has happened to me,
    don't you hate it when "friends" don't come to the rescue.
    Keep writing please!



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