Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Office Christmas Party

Rose, 2011 will be an amazing year!

Chicas, I can’t wait to head on vacation! I’m off on the 24th for a week and couldn’t be happier! I am so excited to spend some time relaxing and reenergizing! On top of that I’m spending Christmas with el novio this year! I’ll be experiencing a real Spanish Christmas…kinda funny!! Until then I have a mound of work to finish…and now…a hang over to get over! Yes…oh yes…last night was the Office Christmas Party….

It was very impromptu, random and fun! As no official party was organized, basically it was me and a bunch of peeps from the Communication & Marketing teams! We all met up at a Pub on 48th btw Mad and 5th and we all had much too much beer/cider…much too much!

What’s amazing though, are the stories that came out of last night. From the PR coordinator spilling the beans on how she has a crush on the mailman…to one of the assistant’s who informed us she actually had MARRIED a mailman (haha!)…to a Marketing guy giving us some Inside info on some of the execs salaries…haha it was hilarious!

An instantaneous the bond was oddly created between us. I mean I've been in this office for around 5 months and until yesterday I didn't even know some of these people! It's amazing what a few beers, stupid (really stupid) jokes, and laughter will do!

The evening was amazing…the morning after is a little rough…but luckily we’re ALL having a rough time! I've seen a few Advil Migraine bottles on some desks….ah la la!

Bisous chicas!

A fuzzy-headed, but happy Flora xoxo

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