Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gossip, gossip away...

Rose, you were in my mind all last night…why so? I was at a movie premiere!! Yes oh yes! A star-studded showing, with all the glitz and glam a NY premiere can boast! Let me tell you girls, there’s no better way to recover from a ‘glass half empty’ type of day than a movie premiere…forget the escape for now, this was a cheap and quick way to say bye bye blues!

Decked out in my latest splurge (another way to quickly kick a set of blues away!) - a beautiful Moroccan-inspired Tory Burch top (perhaps my attempt at an imaginary escape?) paired with simple white jeans, the usual ballet flats (yes I know I need to focus on heels!!) and the essential Chanel 2.55, I strutted proudly down the red carpet…incognito…sadly

Sofia was to go to the premiere, but an unexpected ‘date’, led her to release the prized tickets to myself and a fellow intern! Yipeee!

We got seated around 8:30pm…and the movie took forever to start…

During that time, however, the funniest thing happened! Turns out we were seated right in front of two other interns, who had clearly had the same luck C. and I had had with Sofia…Initially we would have never guessed these two little chiquitas were interns - decked out in clothes beyond any interns’ budget, they looked more like 2 ladies who lunch than anything else. Turns out, however, they not only dress like ladies who lunch, but talk and gossip like them too!

My oh my…you should have heard what came out of these two girls mouths!! From their incredibly bossy boss and lazy co-workers, to facebook fiascos in the office and uncompleted work…these two spoke their mind and unleashed all their intern-anger…in PUBLIC!!

Ok, so they weren’t at work…or in the direct vicinity of their office space…but familiar industry names came up…common brands popped up…and should anyone around us have listened in and picked up names, these girls’ gossip could potentially come right back at them and bite them in the a**!!

I’m serious…you never know who is sitting right next to youwho is listening in…who knows whom…The world is quickly becoming smaller and smaller and within certain industries, everyone knows everyone!

I sincerely hope that no one around us had ears quite as fine-tuned as C’s and mine…

Haha! With that, I am indeed feeling a little better after such a night (and laugh!)…hopefully the glass is filling back up little by little!


Flora xoxo


  1. So pleased you are feeling better, and love the notion of soaking up *everything* being said by the loose lips seated nearby!

    Sending a smile,

  2. excellent! how was the actual movie?
    i'm kind of on a downer myself the last few days... sucks to work so hard and get so little recognition sometimes... but alas... it is almost friday, which means it is almost the weekend!
    xxx rose

  3. Oooo, good point. You never know who is listening and who might know someone you know, etc.

    Your outfit sounds super cute!



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