Sunday, February 14, 2010

All That Jazz!

Happy Valentine's Day, my loves!  I hope you are both enjoying the day!  Flora, I am so happy you are finally in your new home!  I cannot wait to visit and see what you have done with the place!  I am sure it will be gorgeous!  Rose, you raise a great point about celebrating on a budget!  I had to tell the boyfriend to keep things simple since vday follows so closely on the heals of my birthday!  This year, we opted for dim sum and jazz.  Dim sum was delicious and we are off to our favorite little jazz bar later this evening.

The boyfriend is a huge jazz lover (he plays jazz guitar) and he has been introducing me to a style of music I didn't know much about.  I come from a jazz family (my aunts are jazz singers), but I myself am definitely a novice. After a very educational visit to The Jazz Century exhibit at Quai Branly last year, I am slowly learning to appreciate jazz more and more.  While my ear is still not as finely tuned as the boyfriend's, everything about the Jazz Age fascinates me!  I even threw him a Jazz Age-themed birthday party last year!  What's not to love about the Roaring Twenties?  The fashion!  The music!  Everything!  What I wouldn't give to have been a member of the Lost Generation, or to dance the Charleston in a smokey jazz hole in Chicago!  Fabulous!

Bises, Ophelia

Jazz Age
I live right down the street from Cafe de Flore and Les Deux Magots, the famous haunts of Hemingway, Fitzgerald and other members of the Lost Generation.  

The hair, the makeup, the clothes! 

Art Deco 
Mirroed vanities and jewelry boxes are my absolute faves.  I got a gorgeous jewelry box from the boyfriend for Christmas! 

Billie Holiday 
Not quite Jazz Age, but fabulous nonetheless!

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