Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Lost Intern

Hello girls,
Flora, I am relieved to hear that the struggle to make it onto the ladder isn't only an Eternal Intern problem.  I was starting to get worried!

I am also slightly worried about another issue that has been bothering me for days.  I fear that I am becoming the Lost Intern.  My month of fun-employment has quickly changed to general unhappiness and lack of direction in life and a day after my 2*th birthday, that is not good.  All three of us have been very lucky (we went to fabulous schools, have lived all over the world and have enjoyed experiences people can only dream of), but I wonder where exactly to go after already "having it all".  With no real job in sight and no immediate plans to start anything new in my life, I fear that I am at a bit of a stand still.  And worse, the longer I jog in place, how much harder will it be to get moving again when if ever a job is tossed my way.  By nature, the Eternal Interns are eternal optimists, we sugarcoat a reality that would terrify a lot of people and we always see the best in every internships no matter how dreadful it truly is.  That said, I think this Eternal Intern is on the verge of losing her direction, she is losing sight of her goals and she is losing some of the optimism that once made her sparkle.

Pardonez-moi, I hate to be the rain cloud, but all these terrible realizations have compounded on me quite drastically and I think they must be common among most people in our situation.  We have always been the best of the best at everything we do (tooting our own horns a tad! haha!), but this time I feel like I have come in last place and let's face it, it stinks!  A wise girl (Flora) once said " Life is not a sprint," (I guess it's more of a marathon) but I am starting to worry that there are qualifiers and I have most definitely been eliminated in Round 1.

I'm sorry to be the Debbie Downer du jour (perhaps this is more fitting for a pity party for one on a sad Myspace page), but I felt it just had to be said.  For all the ups in the life of an intern, there are definitely the downs (I would know, I'm about as low as I can go right now!).  I know it's just a matter of braving the storm that will inevitably pass, but as the game gets more competitive and even more players step onto the field, I am wondering if I'll ever walk away with the prize (aka a job that I love!).

On a brighter note, with all my free time, I did a bit of pre-spring cleaning and my closet is now as empty as my days!  I did find a few hidden gems that I am anxious to reintroduce into my style line-up when the weather permits.  At least I have that to look forward to....

Bisous, (a rather mopey) Ophelia

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  1. That is complete crazy talk my dear! I have no doubts that all our lives are scripted and they unfold just as they are meant to... soon you will be working so hard you will miss these days...
    You are just on the downhill portion of the roller coaster of life!

    The ride is not fun all the time...but just remember... you will hit the uphill portion soon!

    xxx Rose



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