Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Blame Game

I am so stressed from todays happenings and I absolutely must share... I need advice.

One of the assistants in the office royally f***ed up today and I am scared to death that our boss is going to notice, and as I was helping him out, I am terrified that we might get blamed together.

In reality, the assistant is my superior and he asked me to help out with some invites he was sending out by copying and pasting the text that he provided... so I did just that!!! Except... the text he provided had a major typo that I caught after I sent a few emails already!  This was a task that was entrusted to him 100%.  I know it is not my fault, and I am the one who salvaged the situation by realizing the mistake!  I am completely freaked out now...  I pray that the boss doesn't notice the typo... but what if he does?  

I did send the assistant an email explaining that I feel really uncomfortable with the situation and that I can't take the fall for his mistake if the boss notices.  I feel bad for the guy, but I have to wash my hands of the situation! Right?  

The other problem is.. I am the least confrontation individual that ever had the pleasure of walking this planet!  If my boss confronts us both, how am I going to dodge the blame?  

I kind of want to tell the boss now!  I don't want to wait for him to notice... 

I envy the courage whistleblowers have... I wish I were a better tattletale... 

I'll be lucky if I get a single minutes rest tonight!  This weekend can't come soon enough!

I wish I had my two best friends by my side!  It is moments like these that I wish we weren't international drifters and I could call you ladies up for a much needed therapy session!  Poor P. will have to deal with my freak out all night...

Love you and miss you
xxx Rose

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  1. Oh no! I too am terrible in those sorts of situations! I think as long as the type wasn't something completely and utterly unforgivable (like maybe sending an invitation to Jennifer Aniston addressed to Mr and Mrs Pitt!!) then you'll be fine.

    If he does mention it, just point out that you caught the mistake before it went out to "everyone who is everyone" and then promptly change the subject! Voila! The intern tip-toe around the issue tap dance! ha! x O



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