Monday, January 4, 2010

The Age Old Truth

Back to reality Rose? Same goes for me…I started the ab-fab internship this morning!

I must admit that it did take some strength to get out of bed after the preceding ‘internship hyatus’…but I’m incredibly happy to be back to being an official Eternal Intern.

The morning started well, and even though I was one of the only non-red-soled employees, I didn’t stick out all that much like a sore thumb…a sleek pair of black Theory slacks…a simply crisp white shirt…and a low pair of Sergio Rossi ensured my transition into this power-house would be a smooth sail! And it was…minus…well…the encounter with the ‘other’ interns…

Kind, super friendly, insanely nice…but…well…not quite ‘Eternal’ interns…let’s just say that they are in the initial phases of this interning career they are about to embark on…

So when the inevitable ‘what school do you go to?’ or ‘what did you do before this internship’, obviously led to painstaking ‘HOW old are you??’, I cringed and sucked it up…

I do look young - very young many may add (I’ll be thankful at 50!) - but looks can indeed be deceiving…as my fellow interns found out today…Yup, I'm just not quite the 'young' intern anymorre...Is there such a thing as a 'senior' intern?

But what does age have to do with all this? As a wise one once said life is not a sprint’ (perhaps I said that…). I don’t think it’s a jog or a power-walk either…I seriously think that life should be strut step by step in the most brilliant pair of heels, (or Chanel flats…) feeling as good and happy as possible - who cares how old you are! 

It’s a theory I now believe 100%…and a theory I will stand by!

With that girls, this Eternal Intern is going to slip her heels off for the evening…sip a mint tea...and perhaps even a Martini!

Kisses to the two of you! I miss you!

Flora xoxo

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