Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Has 'Eternal Interning' run its course?

Ophelia! I so remember our Burberry obsession…last week in fact, in Paris, I walked into the boutique at the coin de rue du Four…memories
And Rose, I wanted to ask you if amidst all your Christmas cards, you had been able to go to that party last weekend in the Hills?? Please do tell, it sounded like it was going to be so ab-fab!!

Well, as for me, dinner with D. last night at Belcourt…a cute, new, little, natural, organic type dig down in the East Village. Funny enough I was wearing my little trademark blue Burberry mini…eternal telepathy Ophelia??

Overall it was a great diner…and we tried to keet our spirits up (re: D. running…or should I say flying Business B.A….away from London escaping the devilish boss!)…The one worry/uncertainty I brought up, however, (over a Persian Spice Roasted Chicken…yummm) was a worry that I’ve had for a short while…is there an age limit to Eternal Interning?

The name lends one to believe that no: Eternal! I feel, however, as though at some point Eternal Interning could become a little passé…a thing of the past…something I did back then…Somewhat the same way I feel about places in New York like “Marquee” or “Pink Elephant” or even to some extent the Meatpacking District in general…those places have run their course, lived their rise to fame and are now…well…slowly stalling

Is that like me?? Am I like the Meatpacking District?? The irony in these questions blew D. into laughs…Not only am I nothing like the Meatpacking District (re: preppy, UES, Riding Boot/Burberry accessorized chica!), but she quickly reassured me that as I had told her the night before, the key is not finishing the race before everyone else! Life is not a sprint…I had definitely not run my course as an Eternal Intern…just as one day Marquee could maybe be revived (hmmm…well perhaps that was wrong!!)…and most importantly of all, I have to enjoy every minute of Eternal Interning; every minute of this preciously gained experience; every minute of the greatest party called life!!

So with that we asked for the check…and I now find myself at a Via Quadronno di nuovo retelling this most inspirational story!

Girls I’ll email you later!! I must run though now…Time to start a new day!

Bacci to the two of you! Miss u tons. F. xoxo

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