Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just Smile

She's alive!
All kidding aside... Congrats, Flora!  I'm glad that all your hard work has paid off... you are the queen of secrecy... does this mean that your entrepreneural project is on hold?  Keep us posted! 

Ladies, I need to rant.  I went home yesterday after a 16 hour day, to find that I had a large piece of green spice in my front teeth!  It must have come from the pasta salad I had for lunch.  What I don't understand is how no-one on set told me!  Especially the other intern.  In fact, the other intern and I are (correction WERE) quite good friends.  We have gone out on numerous occasions, but after this... that will definitely not be happening again!!  I even spoke to my crush with the beastly spice on my tooth.  I am beyond embarrassed! 

Oh well, I will go in to work with my head high today and knowing myself... I will probably make a joke about it in front of everyone to keep my cool.  AAAAAAAAAAAH.  I could kill the other intern! 

The Show (more commonly known as my life) must go on....

xxx Rose


  1. Rose today I walked from the bathroom to my desk (clear across the office) with my skirt tucked into my relatively see through panties!

  2. Gah! how horrifying! Hope the rest of your day made up for it! happy weekend :)
    xx rose



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