Monday, August 2, 2010

Once an Eternal Intern, always an Eternal Intern!

Rose!! Ophelia!!

I am so so so sorry for my lack of updates! I know that I've always been the one that takes a little longer than anyone else to respond to emails...but in this case I really am sincerely sorry! My only excuse...well I think it's a good enough excuse is that..............I JUST FOUND OUT I AM NO LONGER AN ETERNAL INTERN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I'm thinking the all-cap message gives you a quick insight into how flippin happy I feel!! Yes my friends after 4 months of searching...cover letter writting...CV perfecting...well I have basically just signed myself off for 10 vacation days a year...long work days...responsabilities that freak me out...and an office floor that is already making me light headed (45th floor?? ahhh!!)...

But chicas, I have to say: I am relieved, happy, happy and again...happy! I had mentioned that I had gotten "a few bites" a while ago..and indeed those "little bites" became a big bite and an official job offer just a week and a half ago... I didn't want to say anything until everything was concrete and now it is!!

But I do want to tell you mis amigas, one very important thing. I may have just stepped off the Eternal Intern ladder, but that does not take away the fact that I will always be an Eternal Intern at heart.

Our struggles, our laughs, our hopes, our tears...We have shared so much and will continue to share so much! We will forever be EIs together!!

Now I know you chicas are going to kill me hehe!! I haven't given you any details...and I won't hahahaha!! I really must run to diner - el novio is suprisingly in town this week from London (yessss he movedddd :( ) and we're gonna celebrate together - not the move! the job!!

I'll unveil all the exciting deets tomorrow!!! (I also have to tell you guys about my trip to London 3 weeks ago!!! It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!).

Ok well I miss you girls, I apologize yet again, and I send you big kisses from the UES!!!!


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