Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Starry Night

Happy Weekend! 

Ophelia, your travels sound wonderful and I am selfishly pleased that you are on a mini holiday because I miss your emails ever so much.  Have you heard from Flora... I bet she is running her own PR firm by now and has forgotten all about us little gals.  Seriously, though she hasn't returned my calls or emails and I am beginning to think that we might need to plan a trip to NYC soon and just show up at her door to make sure she is OK.    If you have heard anything, please let me know.

Week two was much better than the first at my current job.  I was less busy fetching coffee for everyone and  more busy driving people around! Ha!  The best part of being on set though is the food!!  I haven't had to spend a single dime from my own pocket.  All the catering is great for this Eternal Intern's budget ;)  

Nothing too exciting to report except that I am secretly falling in love with the Director.  He is so flippin' talented and adorable, I don't know what to do!  I seriously can't stop staring at him, and the highlight of my week is when I get to exchange a few words with him after I fetch him something during break... or set up... or whatever it is!!!  I am embarassed to say that I also dreamt of him, and the day after... I immediately started to blush every time we were within 10 feet of each other.  As if we had done something naughty the night before!  Ha!  I know what you are thinking... GET A GRIP... HOW OLD AM I?

Well, that's all the childish excitement that I have to report.  I am spending my weekend, once again, doing a whole lot of lounging around by the beach and I might even try to drag my a** for a hike tomorrow!  Provided my dreams don't get in the way of my rest !  ;)

xxx Rose


  1. Does P know of your work crush? LOL.

  2. I did not follow the blog for few weeks.

    Were you not dating someone named P? I am assuming this director is considerably older than you right? Be smart and do not jeopardise your career. Even though I know it is easy to fall for mature, sophisticated, talented and (may be?) wealthy guys.

    I will be very careful if I were you. When you play with fire you are bound to be burned.



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