Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just Another Day In Hollywood

Good Evening!

I was just told today that as our shoot comes to an end, I could stay on and help out!  Doesn't that sound great? Initially, I thought so too, but I was informed that they wanted me to stay on without pay!  I mean, they were paying me pennies anyways, but apparently I am not budgeted for so if I want to stick around it has to be from the goodness of my heart!

So my choices are:
1- Pack my bags and check out and be the ungrateful intern that refused to stick around
2- Swallow my pride and stick around for another few weeks, with everyone knowing that I am being taken advantage of.

What kills me is that I was not a volunteer. There are plenty of people that have agreed to help out anyway for free!  I was the PAID intern!

Such is life... projects and people lose their funding all the time in this town!  Who I am to wish any different?

Honestly thought, it's fine.  I get to make a great impression, more exposure and I will have another few weeks of being gaga over my crush!  Life could be worse I suppose.

Just another day in Hollywood :)

xxx Rose

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