Sunday, August 8, 2010

A big leap...

Hey chicas!

How are you?? Well, see…I promised I’d be better at keeping in touch with you, and look! I am indeed!

I had a brilliant weekend with el novio…who sadly just took off from JFK back to Heathrow…it breaks my heart, but I know that this won’t be eternal…And I’m trying to keep a positive outlook: doesn't distance make the heart grow fonder?

Regardless we had a fabulous weekend…we escaped to a friend’s home in South Hampton…had a quick swim…had some wonderful Cabernet….and had a brilliant time celebrating!! Now back to reality… :(

Back to my new job!! Yes, yes indeed chiquitas, tomorrow is Day numero uno! I’m scared sh*tless…but I’m trying to stay positive and relaxed…..

I promised I would leak some info out about this new stepping stone into Eternal Employment and indeed I shall hold true to my word…I have three words for you: major US Publisher, communications, event planning!!

Yes yes, you heard me right I’m going to be working on the 45th floor a publishing power house, concentrating my neurons (and créativité) on participating in the organization and coordination of events!!! I simply can’t wait…but at the same time…..I’m freaked out!

Yes, this is similar to what I’ve done in the past….yes I know I’m capable of this…but responsibility, initiative, decision-making ….ahhhh it all scares me!!

Now I know your next question is how the hell did I score this mother of a job??? But chicas my hands are trembling so much (yes nerves!!) that I can't type and I’d rather wait till the end of Day 1 to answer more questions!!

Wish me luck on my leap into Eternal Employment!!!!!!!!!

Flora xoxo

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