Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another Kind Of Intern Hell

Ophelia,  welcome to life as a single woman.   To be honest sometimes it is good to just be alone and remember who you are without your other half.  Still tough though...

Speaking of all things relationship, there are two people at my work who just started dating and they literally make me want to throw up!  I mean, I am happy for them and all that jazz.... but for f***s sake they are all about PDA and I find it so uncomfortable to be around.

They think it is ok to be kissing at work, after work, when we are out for drinks, when we are at a friend's house...  it is just too intense for me.

 Unfortunately, it makes me not want to hang out with them anymore. Also, somehow their fun levels have just drastically dropped since they hooked up.  Why is it that that happens?!  They are soooo boring now!

Oh well, I better get back to work and try avoid the happy couple.

O, I'll give you a call later on today so that we can chat.  I'm here if you need anything.



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