Monday, December 28, 2009

Let It Snow

Good evening, ladies!  I am in Toronto for the next few days!  Totally exciting to be in the great white north.  P and I are enjoying the winter weather, and though most locals are hesitant to embrace the sharp chill of the Toronto wind tunnels and have absolutely no interest in shoveling the snow, not to mention having their shoes ruined by the salted streets to prevent ice formations.... I say bring it!  There is nothing I enjoy more in the winter than breaking a fresh snow fall with footprints and snow angels.

Where are you girls celebrating New Years?  I haven't commited to any festivities yet and don't know what city I will be in, but I couldn't be more excited for all that awaits the Eternal Interns in the new year! 

BTW, I totally worked on my vacation today... Got a very animated phonecall from the producer I have been working for :-\  I'm just glad I could take care of it over the phone... on a totally different note, it is absolute robbery what iPhones cost with regards to data roaming!  I mean, it's 2010!  How can an invention from over a decade still be so expensive!?  Come on cell phone providers... get with the times!

Miss you guys so much,
xxx Rose

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  1. You have been in L.A too long if you're happy to see the snow here. I would look out my window to see how much snow has fallen, but my window has frozen over and I cannot see out.

  2. I totally agree! LA and Toronto and extreme opposites one has 10 months of winter and the other 10 months of summer.
    xxx Rose



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