Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wondering About the Great Wonders of the World

Dearest Ophelia and Flora,
I am so pleased to hear that your holidays are advancing so wonderfully.  O, can I come over to play with your barbie?  I am wholeheartedly jealous!

I just returned from my trip to Niagara Falls.  It was short, but full of beautiful memories.  I had not been there for quite some time and had almost forgotten how absolutely ginormous the falls are!   It really is one of the great wonders of the world.  What I adore most about visiting Niagara (and extraordinary events in general) is the feeling of insignificance beside such greatness.  These phenomena bring me closer to my beliefs, and I find them to be a more relaxing place to reflect than any church or therapy session.  The roaring sound of the falls managed to drown out many of the thoughts, that have a repetitive tendancy to invade my mind.

In the future, it is my dream to plan a voyage around the world to visit all industrial, natural, and ancient wonders of the world!  My list is too long to share right now, but it includes the Taj Mahal, Aurora Borealis, the Great Wall of China, Great Pyramid of  Giza, and so on...

Tell me ladies... how is it that life gets in the way of life?  I shall retire for the evening trying to scheme up a way to balance eternal employment with eternal happiness! I would also like to share this eternal intern's eternal dilemma.  How is it that the more places you visit and experience in this world, the more there is to see?  This is similar to a woman's shoe dilemma: the more shoes she buys, the more she needs!

xxx Rose

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  1. Is Niagara really frozen over? That is beautiful



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