Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ode to Barbie

Good Morning girls!  
I hope you had a lovely Christmas!  Since yesterday, I haven't stopped playing with my new Louboutin Barbie left under the Christmas tree by Santa (actually, by my boyfriend!).  I felt like a little girl again when I tore off the wrapping paper and saw my new Barbie!  But don't get your pigtails in a knot little girls... She's not the same Barbie we remember!  

Gone is the big blond hair and poufy pink, princess dress.  Badass Barbie is now donning a black catsuit and fiery red hair!  Ken no longer has a place in Barbie's world since I don't think Louboutin Barbie would want to be tied down to any one man!  haha!  She is a new woman.  
I've always been a little envious of Barbie, but not in the way feminists would expect.  I didn't really care about her long blond hair (I'm a brunette and just fine with it!), I didn't idolize her tiny waist (even at 5 I knew her proportions were all wrong!), but I did aspire to her carefree, california girl attitude.  Barbie was a doctor, a ballerina, an astronaut, a lawyer and yet whenever the mood struck, she would load up her camper/convertible/dream house and party like every day was a saturday.  In a way, Barbie was the original Eternal Intern, since her "job" never held her down or dominated her life.  She was both a working woman (when it fit into her schedule) and an International Drifter who realized that there was more to life than a high-paying career!  

So Thank You, Barbie!  You taught us that "girls can do anything!" There are those who may disagree (they're totally jealous!), but you are an inspiration to Eternal Interns everywhere!   

Bisous, Ophelia


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