Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Wink of Pink

Rose, are you working this hard with that producer?? A volunteer gig is that demanding?? I guess in Hollywood experience is more valuable than $ (well perhaps at first!). I’m so happy to see you tomorrow! I can’t believe I’m flying out to the west coast manana! Ophelia we are so going to miss you! It won’t be the same without you! As I mentioned over the phone to Rose, I have two fabulous friends from NY who will be coming along! I mentioned it to K & N last week and they were totally on board! I seriously can’t wait!

4 girls, 1 crazy city = countless adventures!?!

Before I leave tomorrow though, the Christmas shopping must be complete! Ah le stress! I'm def lucky to still have a bit of time on my hands prior to the internship starting in the New Year, but I have one final important person to shop for and I thought I’d pass my ideas by you prior to swiping the credit card…As we will be spending Christmas down in Islamorada this year (no Pearl Islands unfortunately), we've decided to opt for a bohemian-chic, coral-inspired, relaxed yet elegant theme...Would the following items work for my 19 year old cousin A. from London who's coming down - she's ab-fab!

Beach Chic? Apero Glam? Organizational Perfection? hmmm...

Calypso's Christina tunic, paired with the most adorable Alpina Adobe print bikini seems is a perfect throw on outfit for a lazy day sipping pina coladas on a desertic, white sand beach...I'm thinking the perfect Zapatilla Island get up...

I'm thinking, this JCrew Ombre pearl cluster bracelet is also the perfect accessory to glam the beach suit up...around 19h when the aperos begin to

And how better for my cousin to plan her holidays, weekends,, than with THE singularly perfect Smythson of Bond Street Panama Diary...a simple wink to pink perfection...

Now, given this Eternal Intern's carte de credit has been swiped a fair bit latetly, and the Intern budget is not as bountiful as it wishes it were...hmmm....what option should I go for?? I'm really liking the diary option, as it's polyvalent and an absolute necessity for any girl on the town...

Let me know chicas! Besitos,

Flora xoxo

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  1. You know how I feel about Smythson... That would be my choice! My absolute fave planners! I never leave home without mine! xoxo O.



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