Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A 2nd Taste of Spain?

Ophelia, Hostal de la Gavina - I am so planning a weekend there this summer! Do you know that I have only been to la Costa Brava twice!! I was there a few years back visiting some family friends, and it is clearly one of the most beautiful regions of Spain: lush, rich, relaxing!

I quickly wanted to recommend one other weekend destination that could appeal to you…

As you know I head to the Balearics each summer…a family ritual that precedes me (my mum and dad are secretly Formenteran hippies since way back when!!)…Mallorca, Formentera, Menorca (on some occasion Ibiza), each of these spectacular Mediterranean islands have formed my upbringing, personality…and yes personal style

Now the secret about the Balearics is to never go in the heart of August. Should one decide to take this perilous risk, one does indeed risk a summer aside pale skinned northern folks who lunch at noon, dine at 5pm and pass out at 11pm from one too many Bratwursts and beer…

The key to the Balearics is to get away from this, far far away…One can do so by strategically scheduling one’s trip (June, July and September) and also by geographic positioning (Playa Mitjorn vs. Cala Saona in Formentera or Pollenca vs. Palma in Mallorca…you get the point!).

So where does this get us…get ready…Ophelia this is your weekend destination May 2010...and I’m coming along!

Son Brull, a majestically, converted, charming Jesuit monastery dating back to the 12th century…now a 5 star hotel...

I discovered Son Brull four years ago while summering in Pollenca, Mallorca…It really is a veritable vision for the eyes, heart and spirit…A converted monastery, turned ***** hotel...its spa is the first in Mallorca to depend solely on local produce and organic principles. Its pool is something out of a Hollywood scene and its bar, located in the converted barn is simply a marvellous blend of old world and contemporary.

O, take a look at the pics, they speak for themselves…This place veritably takes your breath away...all I can say is that as soon as you know when you want to go, let me know and I’m flying over!!

Off to start a new day…I’m going to write more later, I have cool news!!

F. xoxo
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  1. Oh Flora! I'm convinced! The water! The sky! I'm booking a trip tout de suite! xoxo F.



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