Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010...Around the Corner...

Ophelia and Rose,

What can one do today without internet? Just about nothing! I’ve once again lost my ‘right hand’ (re: internet) for the past few days…Being in Islamorada on a mangrove surrounded island, always makes internet connections a very uncertain thing! Luckily internet is back!

Ophelia, on a side note, I absolutely loved your Ode to Barbie! Barbie is indeed THE Eternal Intern!

That small 'ode' seems almost comic and humorous, yet Ophelia, let me tell you…it totally inspired me! No joke.

With the New Year approaching and ‘resolutions’ in the air…your memo reminded me how important it is to live life to its fullest…to not let a job dictate one's life…to believe in oneself…and to try new things! We only have one life and one chance to live it, so why not live it well!

And so, with 2009 soon coming to an end and 2010 approaching swiftly, my main resolution is to relax a little; not let a ’career’ dictacte my vision of life; be aventurous and take one day at a time! La vie est trop courte…

New Years Eve is just arond the corner and so is my new, ab-fab internship, with the most ab-fab boss! January 4th the gates open up and Flora will be back on Eternal Interning track! 2010 promises to be a spectacular year!

Je vous envoie pleins de bisous!

Flora xoxo
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