Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rose's Countdown

Ladies, here are my resolutions for 2010:

1- To pass a Japanese proficiency exam
2- To be more patient with my loved ones
3-To never be too busy to pick up the phone and call my loved ones
4- To become more musical (perhaps even pick up where I left off with my childhood piano lessons)
5- To study my craft by watching more movies, and reading more scripts
6- To live a healthier lifestyle
7- To take advantage of the gorgeous Southern California weather more
8- To become more adventurous with my sushi orders!
9- To take a real vacation in 2010 with P

Drum rolls if you please……
 10- To be the best darn Eternal Intern that I can be
Have a safe night, girls, and I cannot wait for our three-way conference call in 2010!

xxx Rose

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  1. Your resolutions are wonderful. Happy New Year! xoxo, B



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