Friday, December 4, 2009

An Improptu Weekend Getaway!

Hello ladies,
Another work week has come to an end and following Flora's lead, I have planned a little weekend getaway.   Let me explain why I must escape this lovely city...  Paris is to me what I imagine I must be like to my boyfriend:  Pretty, fascinating, but at times a real pain in the ass!  haha!  After a beautiful train ride (I felt like Audrey Tautou in the Chanel No. 5 ad), I arrived chez our most gracious hosts, Randy and Hannah Blazer.  I have known the Blazers since childhood and have spent countless summers (and weekends!) at their magnificent farmhouse in a tiny village in the Averyon region of France.  This sprawling 10-bedroom compound is the perfect place to unwind and over-indulge!

Hannah Blazer is an absolute inspiration, une veritable Holly Golightly!  In New York (where she spends half the year) she is the very definition of city chic, but while in France, she totally immerses herself in the country lifestyle and is the authority on fine wine, regional cheeses and hospitality (how many hostesses do you know that stock each room with bottles of champagne?).

We arrived just in time for an apero (Creme de Chataigne and champagne).  During warm months, Hannah servers her apero in one of many meticulously-maintained gardens.  This evening, after quickly freshening up in "The Studio" (a stunning guestroom designed for her artist daughter just off the west wing of the house), we joined the Blazers and their other house guests (D. and M., a charming filmmaking couple from New York) on the large terrace off of the library.

A dinner at the Blazer's is like a scene from a movie!  Hannah is an extraordinary cook and each dish is composed entirely of products from local markets.  Tonight the apero was followed by foie gras poelee and toast, duck confit and aligot, une salade, fromage, dessert and finally un petit cafe and/or a digestif.  After dinner (3 hours long!), we moved into the salon for more fireside conversation and after recounting my Eternal Interning trials and tribulations, the lovely Hannah has promised to put me in touch with her good friend who has worked for both French and American Vogue (Bonjour Mentor!).  Magnifique!

Tomorrow will likely include a small breakfast on the patio (fresh croissants from the local baker, yogurt from a farm up the road and a cafe creme), a dip in the heated pool, horseback riding and perhaps a trip to a neighboring village.

As usual, we Eternal Interns are up to exciting things this weekend and I expect lots of updates from the both of you!

Gros bisous from the French countryside,

Ophelia xo

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  1. Ophelia! The Blazer's home is the most enchanting and magnificent place I have ever been to! I keep the fondest memories of the weekend we spent in the South back in 2008...perfect, serene bliss...what can I say, Hannah is the most gracious and wonderful host!
    see you bientot miss! Flora xoxo



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