Monday, December 21, 2009

The Revenge-Seeking Intern?

Girls did you see what happened at Grazia Magazine! How funny…and well sad! When an intern seeks revenge against colleagues by bringing them full-fat lattes instead of their trademark skinny-skim ones, you know something is terribly wrong!

I was BBMing D. this morning about the incident and she sympathized with the intern’s actions 100%! Having worked for an evil dictator of a boss at the London gallery, had she been able to deceive him with a full-fat latte, apparently she would have instantly!

But so I wondered…how bad did the internship have to be for this intern to consciously scam her colleagues? Was it that the internship was tough? That her bosses were crazy dictators? Perhaps that she was simply a deceptive, evil, revengeful seeking intern? Or was she merely trying to re-create the Devil Wears Prada for her 15 (or 5) minutes of fame?

I guess we will never know (the story is not THAT interesting…hehe!), but it was funny to read!

Rose, you'r working for a demanding superior…weekend calls, emails at absurd hours…and all this for a volunteer gig! Would you ever even think of deceiving your boss with a full-fat latte? What do you think about this?

Have internships become too intensive and challenging or have interns become too demanding and ‘sans‘ manners?

Flora xoxo

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