Monday, December 21, 2009

Enjoy Today

Good night beautiful ladies!  I hope your happy thoughts bring you both sweet dreams!

After a wonderful weekend in Vegas with Flora, I am now back to the grind.  I just had a phone call about a travel mix up for the producer I am volunteering for!  I've been home for about an entire hour and my reality already bites!  I am currently prepping my application for yet another internship... this time in Europe.  It is more of a mentorship program than an internship, and although it is another extraordinary opportunity to grow professionally, I am deeply disturbed by my tendency, or, more appropriately, my obsession of looking forward.  Naturally, this worries me because I am not maximizing the pleasures of today.

Whatever happened to Carpe Diem?  What happened to living each day like it is your last?  Living each moment to its fullest? Aren't I a little too young to be jaded?  Don't I deserve great success?

I am afraid that your west coast Eternal Intern will retire this evening a little stressed and overwhelmed, but tomorrow is a brand new day... and... the sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun... it's only a day away :)

xxx Rose

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  1. ANNIE used to be my favorite movie as a child!



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