Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Hairy Situation

Hey girls!

O and R! How I miss you girls! When are you coming to visit?? Please soon!
Omg today the most embarrassing thing ever officially hapenned! I've become addicted to groupon lately - do you guys know it and there was this amazing deal for this laser hair removal offer - my dream! 

Yes, I admit my absolute and utter dream! Good bye waxing, good bye epilady and shaving - I want to be hairless!!
Seeing the offer I couldn't resist it. I hit the link, took my credit card out and did everything to avoid missing losing the deal. A day later I got a confirmation email confirming the deal - yessss!! Legs, bikini and under arms for way too cheap! It was too good to be true - but it really wasn't - this was actually real and soon I would be hairless. 
That is...not before insane embarrassment.

I hit print to print my coupon and then called the salon right away. Someone finally came on the line, walked me through the process and then asked what zones I was going to work on...Leg...under arms...bik...i....and just then I saw an arm reach over my desk and hand me over my coupon that I had forgotten at the printer...Shiiiittt!! It was my big big boss....and just as I looked over at him and faked a smile...I finished my word...bikini...
I wanted to crawl under my desk...jump out the window...drown in my diet coke...

He had been standing there the entire time...

And then...he just walked away...OMG!!!! Talk about a horrible impression he must have of me! Not only am I clealry not working...but he overheard me schedule my bikini laser appointment!!


A perturbed Flora xoxo

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