Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ophelia the Drama Queen

Happy New Year, darling girls!

I hope 2012 is treating you well so far!  As you know I was home for two days over the holidays to quickly see the family and then I spent a week (and New Years Eve) in Positano on the Amalfi coast of Italy with a mystery man (more on that later!).  It was incredible!   And now I am back in Paris and pondering my next steps in life.

Frankly, things are getting a little stale!  My boss and his fiancée eloped over the holidays.  You would think that now that he is married things would be less dramatique, but no!  It is almost like he is having second thoughts and regretting going through with it.  He keeps alluding to our past travels together and how "free" he feels when he's with me.  It is nauseating to say the least, especially when he says these things in front of Damien, who is green with envy now that the boss is back in my corner.

So voilà, now you see why the office intrigue is wearing me down!  I did not sign up for this dramatic soap opera (although I suppose I am slightly to blame) and yet I'm always right in the middle of all the drama!  I am however interested to see where things unfold with the mystery man! Girls, I am completely smitten and can't bring myself to jinx it by saying his name.  Plus, I know Rose will lecture me because getting involved with him will only make things more compliqué!

Maybe I should just run away and live a stress-free life with Kurt on the Ile de Ré!

Bisous xx Ophelia 

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