Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Office Power Struggle

Hello my darling girls,
Rose, such optimism!  I almost didn't recognize you!   Flora, I'm sure the babe intern is telling all his friends that he has a babe boss!

As for moi, there is a new man in my world as of Monday and let me tell you, I am not happy about it.  As you know my company is expanding and my boss is keen on bringing in new, fresh talent.  Enter Damien Hinter, a smart, handsome, 29 -year-old New Yorker.  He's Ivy educated, fluent in French, has a killer CV, in short, he's perfect!  You'd think I'd be swooning (ok, maybe I am a little, he looks like a young Mark Ruffalo!)...  but I'm also fuming!  Damien may be a "catch," but he's also an ASSHOLE.   In his first three days we have clashed on just about everything.  We cannot agree on anything and he refuses to compromise!  Why should I have to compromise when I was here first?!  It is a classic office power struggle.  And the worst part?  My boss seems to love him more than he loves me!  He has a total man-crush and it is just plain sad!  Last weekend I was whisked away on a (secret) vacation and suddenly I'm excluded from business lunches?!  I'm livid.  Who does this guy think he is?!

Calm down, Ophelia!  This will all blow over when Darling Damien is no longer the flavor of the month.  Soon he'll be just another employee and things will go back to normal.  Right?  Tell me I'm right!

Argh, speak of the devil, Damien just sent me a rather condescending email.  This means war.  He has no clue who he is dealing with!  He will seriously regret the day he moved to Paris and crossed paths with me. Ha!

Bisous xx Ophelia

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