Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Sky's the Limit!

I am so sorry for not writing sooner!  Rose, I can say from experience that you just might find that you have something in common with the girl and something special might come out of it.  I for one have learned that I actually quite enjoy my boss' company despite hating him for many many months!  What changed?  Our trip to the states!  We were supposed to spend one week working and then a week of holiday to visit but he ended up staying on to be with me and it was magical!   

Yes, I know I am supposed to loathe him and keep him at arms length but honestly girls my whole perspective has changed!  He is so carefree and he lives completely in the moment!  Just blew off our work responsibilities and hit the road!  A whirlwind tour of the USA... on a whim!   New York, Savannah, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago and Boston!  Oh the joys of having a wealthy boss who is completely in love with me!  Now I know you're thinking that I am being reckless and that this will only end badly, but I don't care how it ends... I am having too much fun!  

Now we're back in Paris and I suggested we do it all over again in Europe!  Then in Asia!  Or South America!   Who knows next week I could be in Barcelona, Lisbon, Ibiza, Rome!  He'll go wherever I want to go so the sky is the limit!  

I promise to send postcards!  Hehe! 

Bisous xx Ophelia 

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