Sunday, August 26, 2012

The New Girl in Town

Rose honey, so sorry you were ill!  Any chance you can parlay some of that down time into a visit to NYC?!  I'm having an absolute blast (remind me why I don't live here?!) and it has been great reconnecting with Flora (we had coffee on Friday!).  I have been spending weekends in the Hamptons which has been so fabulous!  Flora refuses to come out with me (something about a "penny saved is a penny earned"!) but hopefully I can change her mind in time for Labor Day weekend (hint hint nudge nudge).

That said, it isn't all play no work for your dear friend.  I am working for an amazing woman I met in Paris in the spring at her boutique PR company.  I am having such a great time (and she likes me so much) that I am staying on through fashion week!!  What do I have to rush back to Paris for anyway?  After that we'll both head to London, Milan and Paris where we'll sadly part ways.  I am hoping I can turn this into a permanent gig... maybe even start a Paris office!  On verra!

Ok chickadees, must run, beach time!

Bisous xx

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