Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Love Is In The Air

Yay, we are all in the lovely US of A at the same time!  I smell a reunion in the near future. Love it <3 love...="love..." nbsp="nbsp" of="of" p="p" peaking="peaking">
So I mentioned in my last email that I had a boyfriend situation.  Thank you for your patience and I shall now divulge.  His name is Brandon and he actually looks a bit like Brandon from the original 90210.  (I guess I will always have a thing for that 90's hair!)   Met him a work drinks that I had organized a few weeks ago...  swoon...

He is pretty good to me, but the biggest draw is that he is on the job hunt for me! If he finds me a normal paying- non-intern position I might just as him to marry me!


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