Friday, September 9, 2011

Interview Central

O. it was amazing seeing you! You made the transition back to single life that much easier ;)
It’s still not super easy…and I have to admit that I’m still having a little trouble eating up my lunch, but I do feel 100x better!

Ironically so far another good therapy that’s been helping me find my smile again, is…believe it or not, interviewing candidates for a new intern position.

The interviews have been so unbelievably wacked out, that every time I walk in and out of one, I’m either smiling, laughing or crying (of laughter). It’s been like watching some good Comedy Central…or should I say Interview Central – the stand up comedy for job interviews.

So far, 2 candidates have arrived asking for a job (it’s an interview for an internship!!), another has asked where he can find job postings for the company (hmmm buddy you’re interviewing with me for an internship at the very company, shouldn’t you focus on that?), one asked for a coffee as he walked in the door (is that proper interview etiquette? Shouldn’t you wait to see if I ask you if you want one?), another spilled her glass of water she was so nervous (she had said one of her qualities was resistance to stress...hmmmm not quite...) and a last one ran out of the room at one point to use the bathroom (I guess it was an emergency!).

The good news, I’m feeling better! My sense of humour is back and so is my smile! The bad news, I’m having a hell of a hard time finding an intern! Today candidates are either far too qualified or too under-qualified!!

OMG! Now is when I wish I was still an intern and didn’t have all these responsibilities!!

Flora xoxo

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  1. I'd say go for the far too qualified intern, at least then you know you wont be doing their work and yours as well. Or an under qualified fast learner, who seems very passionate. Those people are the most grateful for the position and really want to learn. Usually.

    I can't imagine where you're finding this lot from though, :O. They sound rather entertaining, the guy who asked for a coffee...*side eyes*.

    So so so happy you're feeling better about being single and finding your smile. It's good to know you're keeping busy and not turning into a walking tragedy.

    Can you tell I was over eagerly awaiting this update? haha xxx



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