Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Intern in New York City

Hey! My name’s Flora and I’m one of the Eternal Interns. I'm also probably the 2 millionth French person (or frog...) living in Manhattan. Even though it’s tough living in a shoebox, I’m making the best of a very cramped situation!
What am I doing? From PR to Finance to Interior Design, I have dabbled in just about everything trying to find the right fit for me! Multidisciplinary – Yup, that’s me! On a positive note, I do believe that I am getting closer to the career of my dreams… unfortunately HR doesn’t always seem to agree with me!
Dream job? It definitely seems as though I’m leaning towards a creative gig in the luxury industry. Two years ago, I landed a great internship at a world famous Fine Art Auction House in Communications – absolutely loved it! I would have stayed forever but HR and the INS had a little issue with my visa situation, and decided an internship was as far as I would go!
I stayed in New York and started an internship at one of the world's leading luxury jewelry houses – Still not an H1B, but the J1 did the trick! Another 6 months of interning led to great contacts and a fabulous farewell party.
And now, after papering New York with my resumé and cover letter, still hoping for that “entry level position,” I think I may have found a lead for a new opportunity (read: internship) in a luxury powerhouse. Get ready for this though, it would be a year-long internship!
What do I do? I’ll let you know what happens next…

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