Monday, October 19, 2009

Internship or no Internship? That is the question.

Ophelia, Rose,

O. keep your head up high and stay positive! I've had my share of heinous superiors and you've really got to look on the bright side. Not only are you totally being initiated into the Old Girls’ Club, but your learning to deal and work with the toughest species of human beings on earth: the editor/publicist/fashion ‘it’ girl…with a suave Parisian accent!! This is not initiation…this is the survival of the fittest wearing Christian Louboutins! Good thing is that working with bi-polar, Birkin-carrying editors will only make you a stronger and more resistant individual in the long-run - I know you can do it!

As for me chicas, my conundrum is beyond that of having a heinous boss or not…I’m still trying to figure out if I’ve even landed that internship I spoke to you guys about! It’s been 2 weeks since the interview, 1.5 weeks since the email with the salary proposal and request for my interest, 1 week since my awkward phone conversation and acceptance of a fictional ‘offer’ and 3 days (minus a weekend) since the reception of an email from my ‘could be’ boss asking if I have any questions about the internship. What is happening here? I mean look, I understand if it takes this long to land a full-time, awesomely-paid, benefit-adorned ‘real’ position…but this is an internship?!? I just don’t know what to make of this anymore. Hopefully it will pan out positively! But chicas, what do you think about all this indecisiveness on the part of my ‘could be’ boss? Is it fair to lead a prospective intern on like that? To be an intern, or not be an intern…that is my question!

On the bright side though, I just wanted to let you girls know that my little business venture is sailing full force forward. I’ll give you some more detailed info into this entrepreneurial endeavor of mine next time, but I’m super happy with the progress I’m making. It’s going to be the perfect little blend of BCBG allure and Bohemian Chicness…ah, I love it already!

Chicas I must jet, but before I go - Rose how did that interview go? I’m dying to hear about it, you must let us know!

I must sign off, but les filles, cross your fingers for me, and R. I’m majorly crossing my fingers for you!


Flora…a confused ‘intern’?

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