Sunday, October 18, 2009

Intern v. Editor

Chère Flora, Dearest Rose
Oh la la… what a day! I spent the morning playing mediator for an insane designer and a psychotic editor. Both were equally to blame for the squabble but try explaining that to them! The editor in question is famous for having fired two interns in two weeks. And get this – my position is even more precarious because I knew them both before they interned! In another twist, she took to Twitter to find her newest victim and I was a click away from applying when I got a call from another editor in the same magazine! Talk about a blessing in disguise!

So girls, the reason for this email… the million euro question: Why do people hire interns only to torment them!? I know you both feel my pain having suffered the wrath of some pretty heinous superiors, but I really cannot figure it out. Don’t get me wrong, the perks often distract from the crap, but these ladies sure no how to test the mettle of their interns! Since it is a fashion magazine, I’m thinking this is initiation into the Old Girls Club. Once you show you’re cool, calm and fabulous under pressure… you’re in! So this is my mission: Keep it together and try not to crack under the weight of their overloaded Birkin bags! Haha!
I’m off to prep for what promises to be a long and hectic week.
Stay positive, Lovelies!


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