Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Deported Intern?

Rose, Ophelia,

Oh, les filles! I am so sorry to have been so absent-minded and not write to you sooner!

R. - You are a true Jedi Knight, and I admire your strength. May the force be with you!
O. - Should we stick with the Star Wars theme, I feel as though you have been paired off with a veritable Darth Vader. Though we all aspire to share an office space with an R2D2 or a Yoda-type, it seems as though you have been doomed to co-work with the torturously feared, Storm-trooper-esque, internista! May the force be with you too!

As for me chicas, well I’m going to say that I am doomed to be a C3P0. Yes, C3P0. An odd comment, indeed, but rightfully so.

See, C3P0 has always been the kind, innocent, na├»ve and genuinely great Star Wars’ character who has eternally been overshadowed by those he shares the galaxy with. Yoda has always been much wiser; R2D2 has always been much cuter; and Princess Lea (minus the odd hairdo) has become the queen of the galaxy! Despite all of his qualities C3P0 has always been a little farther in the shadows than these protagonists.

I am C3P0. Despite my crazy education, international work experience, linguistic talents and eternal ambition (I am indeed 2*) I have yet to be rewarded for my efforts…or actually let me re-phrase that…I have been rewarded for my efforts, but that reward was quickly taken back away from me…by the US government.

Yes chicas! You guessed it! I got that crazy, power-luxury-house, insanely-amazing, fabulously-freaking-good internship! I was about to call and let you know…when…I found out that I am ‘ineligible’ for the work permit!

No! How is this possible? It seems as though I keep getting a step closer to my dreams and yet something is always in the way! It’s just like R2D2 and C3P0...R2 was always getting in the way of C3P0 since he’s just so much cuter…well I can’t say the same for the US government but why oh why can’t they just let me be!

Ah! Clearly girls I need a drink, which is why I must jet downtown! But I’ll talk to you chicas later to continue regaling you with this story ;)

Big bisous les filles,

Flora... a disressed eternal intern xoxo

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