Friday, July 27, 2012

Are You Kidding Me?!

Rose, you sneaky little thing.  That girl sounds like a total bitch.  Get that job, girl!  And speaking of bitchy things to do, I really feel like I should clear the air, especially since I am leaving for New York on Monday.  Flora, you know I love you, but we have been friends since we were ten and I think it is pretty shitty to disappear in the fucking Outback for two months without sending word to your best friends.  I was worried sick by the unanswered emails, texts and calls and even more so when your family said you were off on a "expedition of self-exploration"!  Would it have killed you to at least let us know?  I know we're supposed to hang out in New York this month but frankly I am livid.  How could you?   Well, we'll have plenty of time to hash this out starting next week.  I am sure you have your reasons but god, could you be more selfish?!  

In other news, I scored myself a freelance gig in New York so I won't just be loafing around (Rose, I am sure you're thrilled to hear that I'm actually working and not just galavanting.  Isn't that the word you always use to describe my travels?)  Yours truly will be in the city Monday through Thursday and in the Hamptons on the weekend.  August is going to be amazing!  Flora darling, I sure hope we're friends again soon.  Wouldn't want you to miss out on all the Hamptons fun! 

Bisous xx 

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