Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the world's a stage

Flora, I fell of my chair when I read this.  You went on a fucking walkabout?  I need details asap!  Have in NYC ladies.
LA so far is good.  I am still interning for the director and slowly plotting to push his assistant out of the picture! (evil laugh)  It must be working because she hates to have me back from London.  I am dealing with all of the post production elements now seeing as I was physically there for the shoot and the fact that I have an in at the post house doesn't hurt either ;)  Anyway, the assistant flipped out at me today out of her own frustration and bumped me in the shoulder on her way out of the office.  What a stupid b**ch.  If I felt bad about anything before she just bumped it all away!  She is going down and out! Mark my words... I will have her job by the end of August!

Love you guys,

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