Monday, May 7, 2012

Day by Day

Hello chicas !

Well girls I’m not doing too badly…Life has definitely changed and I’m now quite literally counting my pennies, but in doing so I’m also finding that I’m appreciating things much much more, taking life day by day.

This morning for instance…I splurged…I treated myself to a tall, non fat chai latte at Starbucks ! I have been dying for one ever since I got back from my travels  in Asia (and ever since I have been feeling better !). It sounds silly, but I’ve never appreciated a chai latte like the one this morning. My mouth was literally watering as I waited at the counter for someone to call out « Flora » and hand me my delicious drink !

I’ve also taken on a few other funky and odd hobbies to take the stress of the job hunt…I’m trying my hand at this Bikram yoga thing…There are a bunch of centers for Bikram in NY that offer these deals where for a 2 week trial period you pay 20$ and get unlimited classes ! So what I’ve started doing is literally changing centers every 2 weeks !! haha…I shouldn’t be proud…but at least I end up paying 40$ per month for unlimited yoga ! And I keep fit !!

Life has definitely taken a 360… I’m broke…I have no job…I’m taking life step by step and day to day…but one thing i have gained is hope. I know things are going to go well and I know  that sometimes you need extreme changes to find yourself and figure out exactly what you want and what you were made to do.

Sounds silly but girls I promise next time we see each other, you will see that this change is for the better !! And I have some pretty exciting new travel plans to tell you chicas about !!!

Lots of love until next time,

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