Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Intern on a Collision Course

Dearest girls,

It has been a crazy few weeks!   Rose, how is it that this has happened again!?  Remind me of his name?  There must have been a reason I ran out! Does this mean if you marry him I'm banned from the wedding?

If it makes you feel any better, I definitely got my comeuppance last month.  I was dating this horror of a man out in the Hamptons... an all-around loser of a guy.  Why was I with him, you ask?  Love makes a girl do crazy things!  Anyway, last month we were invited to an amazing party -- dancing, drinking, good friends... an End of Season send off.  Well, we got into a minor argument (nothing like the rows I used to get into in school with good ol' Whatshisname!) and HE stormed off, leaving me alone at the party.

An  hour later I found him sitting in the car with the engine running.  I was barely in the car when the lunatic peeled out of the parking lot.  He was screaming and yelling and at some point he lost control of the car sending us straight into a pole!  He TOTALED the car... and don't even get me started on the bumps and bruises that I endured as a result of the accident. Needless to say the police came, he was arrested and is now in a whole lot of trouble.  It also goes without saying that I will never see him again (so no spare me the lecture, Rose!).  I booked it out of town on the first Jitney back to the City!

I'm heading back to Hawaii on Thursday then back to Paris for a few weeks.  After all those years of bullshit jobs and internships, can you believe I finally have a job that allows me to split my time between NYC and Paris?!

Flora, what's new?  We're in the same city and I still have a hard time pinning you down.  Come back to us!  Who's going to break us up when Rose and I get into one of our epic fights?!

Bisous xx

PS.  So there are two morals of the story:  don't date losers and don't date losers who drink and drive.


  1. Sorry about the loser, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince. I have one at home.

  2. I worry that I may have started w a prince and now it's nothing but frogs for me! xx O



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