Friday, November 27, 2009

NYC the Capital of Eternal Shopping!

Les filles, a quick hello before I venture out on the streets of New York and experience Black Friday in NY 2009!!

Madison here I come! 5th Avenue get ready! Soho I’m on my way! Wallet…get ready for a major workout today!

Off to spend money I don’t have…window shopping may be wiser ;) Ah la vie of an Eternal Intern...

O. keep us posted on NOLA!! Loving your update!! And Rose, no news means worst cold?? Miss, I'm worried!! When I get home from le shopping I will update myself on where in the world my life is going!!! gossip gossip gossip!! hehe!
Bisous les filles!!

Flora xoxo

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  1. happy black friday !

  2. i went to soho, but no great sales ;(



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