Thursday, November 26, 2009

Eternal Gossiping

Ophelia, I just saw that you visited the lower 9th ward in New Orleans? How was it? I imagine super tough, no? How thankful we can be this Thanksgiving to have our family, friends and home. And my dearest Rose, how is the cold going? Get better quickly!

I'm sorry to switch to another (much less serious and important) topic...but I just had to write you girls (my gossip confidentes)! I just finished watching an episode of “The Office” and the subject du jour was how full-time employees themselves gossip about interns! As I always do watching the show, I laughed and giggled some more but as I watched on, the episode also got me thinking…

For some odd reason I had always imagined interns to be the principal gossipers in an office-space…of course, that “intern gossip”, shall we say, was usually directed toward and about the office-staff…justification: we sometimes have a bit more time on our hands, we are very much a ‘gossip generation’, gossip establishes lasting friendships hehehe lol!! (enough justifying??)

I had always disregarded the fact that the gossip could perhaps flow vice-versa…The Office episode confirms it must!!

I now wonder and ponder at what previous superiors could have possibly gossiped about…Me? My outfits (yes, I usually always wear flats…sometimes the same ones two days in a row…sometimes the same pants 3 times in one week…the Monday…Wednesday…Friday rotation…)? My work (yes, it did take me a while to get the hang of ‘vlookups’ on excel…darnit!)? That random doctor’s apt. that lasted all day that one Friday a year and a half ago (yes my head did hurt a lot…and my stomach…never drink white and red together again)?…oh no?!?

Chicas, what do you think?? I’m slightly flustered now…I wonder and ponder what could have been said…Rassurez-moi!

Oh look at the time, I must run...the dinner I was supposed to have last night...yes...that BIG actually tonight!! Too much jet lag ayer...I'll update maƱana!

Flora the (now) Flustered Gossiping Intern xoxo

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