Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Big Deal Being in the Big Apple

Hola chicas,

Back in the Big Apple and ready for a Big Dinner tonight. It’s been a week and half since I have been with el novio, I miss him like crazy, and I can’t wait to see him again at Balthazar’s tonight…but I have to say this diner scares me Big time!

Yes, we know we will be together forever and love each other, but the current situation is just not working out: this Eternal Intern needs an Eternal legal status somewhere! And the US is just not letting her be in NY!

Getting over to NY was a hassle in itself…Paris pre-check-in I was already controlled and asked where my ‘permanent residence’ is (no, not ‘home’…permanent residence) to which I gave a pre-fabricated direct answer…followed by immigration control at JFK in NY with a similar interrogation: When do you count on leaving the country? Do you have a return ticket? Where are you staying? Where do you live? And the dreaded…What do you do? Aaaaaahhhh…with every inquiry perfectly answered, this last one was de trop! But…in keeping with my positive, “not staying longer than 3 weeks in the US” persona, I quickly answered the question with a smile on my face.

So tonight, a Big Dinner, a Big talk, a Big deal for me! I do not want to be separated from el novio for a year and half, and yet I fear that returning to Paris is my only solution. Returning to Paris could be the key to unlocking a future of Eternal Employment… Aaah, we shall see… for now though, this Eternal Intern is off to primp herself for a Big Diner and a Big talk about a Big future ahead…c’est la vie…

Before I forget, O. I hope you made it down safe and sound!!! Send pix ASAP!

And, Rose, you are a little powerhouse! Look at you go…A few years from now I will be referring to you as my crazy-production-vp-exec friend!! I believe in you 100%!

Ciao bellas,
Flora xoxo

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