Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A somewhat 'rock-y' interview...

O. remember lamenting at the Lux. over not getting paid for those internships we did back during undergrad? Never would I have thought that 4 years down the road we would still be in the same situation: Eternal Interns! Do you at least get access to la fabuleuse cantine fran├žaise? Let’s hope that Rose’s latest interview and investment in “thank you” notes leads to something with a dollar sign attached to it ;) keeping my fingers crossed R.

As for moi, I have officially said au revoir to the prospects of working for that dream-power-house internship (re: deportation risk, visa ineligibility) and am once again papering prospective bosses with my fabulous credentials (in the form of…a CV…). I actually interviewed yesterday.

It went incredibly well: wonderful potential boss from Paris (yes…the search is now veering back to the ‘madre patria’…re: fear of deportation!); she was in town on business so no having to fly out; lunched at the Carlyle; super friendly and super interesting… So, now you ask, where did things go wrong? Well…she was wearing an engagement ring.

That fact is not alarming in itself. The fact, however, that I - the eternal intern, the employment hunter, the deportation facing potential NY dog walker - was wearing a ring significantly (signnnnnificantly) bigger than hers, just makes no sense at all. I could not have felt more awkward…

Is that weird?? Am I overreacting. No comment was made, no obvious glances either…it’s just that, les filles, I’m fearing now that the rock has come between me and my new best boss!

Time to send more CVs…or perhaps transatlantic messenger a “thank you” note?

Flora xoxo


  1. Definitely send that Thank You note!

    As for the ring, unless she's totally unprofessional, it won't bother her. Also, why feel awkward? You didn't buy the ring yourself. Somone gave it to you. So, don't create an issue if it's not there. :)



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