Thursday, November 26, 2009

Early Thanksgiving...thank you jet lag!

Happy Thanksgiving chicas! Yes…very early in the morning - how I love jet lag…waking up at 6am has never been easier!! I’ve already run around the Reservoir and had my Chai Skim Laté at Starbucks…yes back to NY habits!

Rose, get better quickly! I have a cold as well…it started out in Paris…and with all the media coverage of H1N1 over there, I was certain I had swine flu :( Luckily I’m better…unluckily, however, my hypochondria is confirmed ;)

O, I’m so jealous! Antique shopping in NOLA! Quelle chance, that is probably my favourite thing to do! When you’re back in Paris you must head up line 4 on the metro to les Puces de Clignancourt, c’est juste le top!

And simply for eye candy check out le Carré des Antiquaires around rue de l’Université in the 7th…likely the most beautiful antique shops in the world (of course the price tag matches the beauty and art…!) And in the South mi brocante de l’Ile sur Sorgueah la la just too many beautiful things in France!!

Bueno chicas, I need to get active today…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bisous! Xoxo Flora

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