Sunday, November 29, 2009

La Belle Vie!

Hi Girls!  On my last full day in New Orleans I figured I would catch you up on all the fun things I got into this week.  I have had the best time and am totally in love with this town (the Garden District in particular).

My sister and I spend the day wandering around the Garden District taking photos of the old Antebellum mansions.  I have pics to post as soon as I am back in Paris.  Words cannot describe how gorgeous these homes are!  New life goal:  Own a mansion on Coliseum Street!

I also wandered into an amazing cake shop called Sucré.  On the menu: Cakes made of macarons, the most delicious ice cream (it was beautifully warm today!) and the most incredible lavender hot white chocolate I have ever tasted!  I'm still thinking about it! After a quick break, I stopped in the Magazine Antique Mall.  It was without question one of the best antique stores I have ever been to.  I bought a gorgeous crystal perfume bottle (perfect for Flora by Gucci?)!   I have tons of purchases and as I mentioned, not nearly enough room in my suitcase!

I leave tomorrow afternoon and I promise to have the pictures up as soon as possible!

Flora, I can't wait for you to move back to Paris so we can go to fabulous parties and proudly introduce ourselves as Eternal Interns and International Drifters!

Wish you girls were here!

Gros bisous,  Ophelia

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