Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Networking Intern

Ophelia! Rose! Les filles!

On a serious note, I wanted to write you girls today to share with you precious wisdom I gained last night!

But quickly…Rose, to answer your question...can I say, 'no news good news' for the internship? We’ll see tomorrow - a new week, new hopes! You have to let me know for the aloe vera!! I’m still quite curious! Don’t leave me hanging!!

Soooooo, I saw a job search tip a little while ago with respect to networking, the benefits of meeting new people and “getting your name out there”. I have never been a firm believer of “networking”…usually passing it off as an opportunistic way to try and get a job on the sly…but recently I changed mon avis a slight bit…

Last night, post-Stomp (fabulous show!), I went to a fabulous cocktail party. Penthouse apartment, 360 degree views of all of Manhattan, Martini Bianco a plenty (yes even in the US!), and a considerable handful of absolutely fascinating and beautiful people. Yes, the dreaded introductory cocktail questions did come up, but I tried to keep my cool.

Usually I am not one to feel super at ease in ‘networking’ situations…Typical ‘meet/greet’ conversations based around: what do you do; who do you know; where have you been; what are you looking for; or the inquisitive, how did you get to where you are now, are not quite my cup of tea… But, last night, dressed in my finest attire (and very best high heels, I might add), I did feel quite good, somewhat powerful (yes, I do have an awesome Master’s Degree under my Hermes belt…) and quite eager to chat away!

Shying away from my habitual casual cocktail self, I powered out in high high heels to try and meet a maximum amount of people. By pushing myself to meet and greet, I did indeed make great contacts.

It didn’t hurt. It didn’t cost a cent. I enjoyed 4 full Martinis…and then called it a night. Ok, sure it was a little awkward speaking to that IT manager from Microsoft (lack of conversation…nada in common…) but overall, what a brilliant experience, and who knows, perhaps these new contacts will open new doors in the near future?

In fact, on my agenda for this afternoon: following up with my new ab-fab contacts - the fruits of my networking labour! Muuuahaha!

I’ll keep you girls posted!!


Flora xoxo

ps - haven't forgotten about Big Dinner...will retale pronto...for now, let me say, it went well!!!

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